Halberd – Parasitic Humanity

So what do you give a thrash girl to review that would really make her happy? Why, it’s a thrash album of course and that is exactly what I got with this album from British band, Halberd.

Hailing from the gritty street of South East London, the five piece band originally formed in 2013 and played their first gig in a small pub under a train bridge, where the audience consisted mainly of family members and a few friends who turned up in support. They found a sound that suited them and felt right to play but decided to call it quits in 2018 due to general life taking over. Luckily for us, jut before covid hit, the guys met up for a jam session and they realised how much they missed playing music. They got back together, ditched the old material and wrote a new more mature sounding album.

“Parasitic Humanity” is the band’s debut album, released on 1st May 2022 and I must say I have left it FAR to long to listen to it (Sorry, Casey!)

The band state on their Facebook page that they “play an infectious genre blending mix of thrash, death and groove metal – all crafted together with heavy riffs and headbanging grooves to get you pounding your skull and moshing til your limbs fall of!” and I couldn’t agree more.

Mix together a touch of hardcore, a pinch of groove, a smidgeon of death and a shed load of thrash and you will have an idea of what this album is about. The guitar work is great, the bass and drums ae tight and keep everything locked together perfectly and the vocals are awesome, just as thrash vocals should be!

I have listened to albums in the past, some from my favourite artists even, and have had to turn them off because of the monotony that was going on but the change of pace, not just from track to track but throughout each song is fantastic, meaning the listener doesn’t ever get bored.

If you like bands such as Kreator and Destruction then you are going to love this album and I highly recommend you go and buy it. More people should know about Halberd, the sheer energy you can hear coming from their music makes them a must for anyone’s ‘to listen to’ list! This is definitely MY kind of album!

I will be going to see them at the Cart And Horses in Stratford on 9th July 2022 I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the passion and vigour displayed on the album will be transferred to the stage. Definitely a gig I am really looking forward to!

My final words on “Parasitic Humanity” will be these……If you are going to produce a debut album, make sure it’s a good one! And boy, did these guys do that with bells on!

Track Listing

1. Return Of The Axe

2. Death By Death

3. Force Fed Lies

4. Breakout

5. We Are The Horde

6. Raiders Of The Night

7. Parasitic Humanity

8. Warmonger

Band Members

Casey Marsh – vocals

Jack Tubby – guitar

Steven Scott – guitar

Bret Yates – bass

Zack Covil – drums

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