The Metal Asylum Talks To…..ONE FROM THE NORTH!!

Can you tell us about the origin of the band name, a history of the band and a little bit about the various members?

OneFromTheNorth is a one-man band based in Finland. I started the band somewhere around 2015 when I started making songs and developing the sound. I wanted to create a different kind of music and I realized that this is what I can do myself. I have a live lineup that includes my good friends and very talented musicians with convincing backgrounds.

The band name was actually at first From The North, and it just came from somewhere. I don’t remember where it was exactly, but it is surely related to the country I live. But then I noticed that there was someone operating with that name, so I decided to change it. One person in the band, so why not OneFromTheNorth.

Are you all from the same area? How did you get together as a band?

With the live lineup guys, yeah. We are basically from the same area.

Who are your favourite artists/bands and how have they influenced your own sound?

I like to listen to a lot of a different kind of music. And the idea of this band is combine different music. But there are of course some favorites I like to listen to. Let’s say for example Iron Maiden, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames (especially the older In Flames), Rammstein, Korn etc. A lot of bands, but those aforementioned bands have had a huge influence on my sound.

Did you always have the ambition to be a musician and in a band or did you originally have other plans?

I’ve always wanted to make music and I have done music years and years since I was, what, 12 years old. Making music is a way of life for me, and I haven’t had any other plans in the past, but of course, I have a day job, and I’ve tried to develop myself there as well during the years. But making music is close to my heart.

What songs or albums are on your current playlist?

Now there is this new Rammstein album, the latest Seth album (France black metal), and this new band The Halo Effect, full of old In Flames members. But I also like to listen to some new underground/smaller artists as there are lots of talented artists out there.

Do you sing in the shower?

Haha, yes, I do! Definitely, and in a car, when having a walk, and, well you name it.

Do you have any plans for the band for this year and into next year?

Yes, there are some plans. For instance, making a third album, but there is also something else, but I’d like not to say anything as it is not certain.

Do you currently have any new songs/albums ready to be released?

I have songs ready, but when aiming to release an album at some point, there is still work to do. I have demos ready, like, for two albums, but those are still just demos that need some more work. But yeah, the album is the main target during this year/next year.

If you could play at any venue in the world where would you choose?

There are lots of nice places I’d like to play but let’s go with Rock Am Ring, for instance. That is something I’d like to experience someday. But if I’d get a slot from Wacken, I wouldn’t say no! trust me!

Do you have a favorite album? If so, what is it?

Yes I actually have: Cradle of Filth – Cruelty and the Beast. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone through the album, and my opinion is that there are no bad songs in it. Talented stuff! There are also lots and lots of good albums, but this is one that came to mind right away.

Do you have any guilty pleasure songs/albums?

Great question! I guess we all sometimes do, haha! But I’m quite open and honest about what I like as there are always good songs from every genre, and I openly enjoy if the music or song is good. But let’s say here, for example, Miley Cyrus – Mother’s daughter. Great song!

If you were putting together the greatest show on earth, who would be playing?

OK, this is hard, but I’d say it would last a week at least! Let’s say the headline would be Queen with one and only Freddie Mercury. All the good artists from different genres would be nice, and even Miley Cyrus could do that one song, ha!

Can you remember the first album you bought with your own money? What was it and do you still have it?

Yes, I do. Iron Maiden vinyl – Fear of the Dark. And yep, I still have it.

As your fans will be reading this, is there any message you would like to send out to them?

Thanks for reading this interview! I hope you go check OneFromTheNorth’s music and support the band. That helps a lot if you follow social media, buy albums, subscribe to the YouTube channel, etc. Come to say hello!

But all in all, check out some smaller and unknown/underground bands if you haven’t already! You’ll be surprised how talented stuff there is.

Finally, let us know all your social media sites so your fans, old and new, can find and follow/like you!

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We, at The Metal Asylum, would like to thank you for your time. Is there is anything further that you would like to add?

Thanks a lot! and enjoy the music!

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