Jenovese – Love U to Death EP

Where are all the female fronted bands? I asked myself, just as this little gem from band, Jenovese, landed in my inbox. Admittedly, it remained downloaded onto my computer, waiting patiently in the “awaiting review” folder on my desktop, until I transferred it onto my little USB stick and put it my car.

Immediately, I kicked myself for leaving it so long!

Jenovese are a female fronted band hailing from Cardiff, South Wales and the “Love U to Death EP” is their debut recording released on 23rd June 2016. And, wow, what a way to start? With crunching guitar work, heavy riffs (which I oh so love!) and the strong voice of singer Emma Rees, it’s hard to believe these guys had only been together six months when this EP was recorded.

The two guitarists, James Rees and Lee Jones, complement each other perfectly, drummer Jack Pritchard works his little socks off and bassist Jason Sims slots in between them all rather nicely.

The sound is tight and the tracks are all well written. Describing themselves as an “anthemic rock/melodic metal band” on their Facebook page, they have produced songs that have that singalong-ability, clean vocals so you actually hear what Emma is singing and epic choruses, while still maintaining that edginess that all good (nay, great!) rock bands have.

Says the band themselves: “Despite not being together very long, we are all friends that decided to come together to form Jenovese. We are all very excited with how the EP has turned out and thinks it’s a really good representation of who we are and what we are about.”

My favourite track on the EP is (probably) I Love U to Death but there really is not a bad track on there. Each one leads seamlessly onto the next and the whole EP will have to jumping around your living room, strumming on your air guitar or singing into your hairbrush. This would be my ideal soundtrack as I got myself ready for a night out.

It’s fresh, it’s funky and it totally rocks!

I really do think big things could happen to this band and I will certainly be waiting for their next release to add to my collection.

Jenovese will be playing at the Metal 2 The Masses competition in Cardiff so go out, grab this EP, and give them a vote.

Let’s get these guys (and gal) to Bloodstock!

1. Nothing Left To Say
2. Despair
3. Love U to Death
4. It Doesn’t Matter

Emma Rees – vocals
James Rees – guitar
Lee Jones – guitar
Jason Sims – bass guitar
Jack Pritchard – drums

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