Thrash Bombz – Master Of The Dead

As much as I love the diversity of reviewing, I thought it was about time I returned to my roots and reviewed a thrash album. And with a name like Thrash Bombz, I thought this one would be right up my street.

Formed in 2007 in Sicily, Italy, Thrash Bombz are a band that does exactly what it says on the tin. They are a thrash band, a bloody good one at that, and “Master of the Dead” is their fourth studio album. Although not released until 03/03/2017 on Iron Shield Records, I have been lucky enough to hear this gem of an album in its entirety and was not in the least little bit disappointed with.

Having spent two years, writing and recording the album, there is not a bad track on it. There is no metalcore or progressiveness to this that seems to be around so much these days. This is a good old fashioned thrash metal album that is played as it should be…..loud, with energy and passion and with all the best hallmarks of traditional thrash metal.

The guitars are fast, riff heavy and the solos will certainly melt your ears off. The drumming is equally as quick, tight, packed full of double kicks and performed with such energy and gusto and the singer has the perfect voice for this type of metal, with no dirty vocals or growling anywhere on the album.

From the offset, this album will have you strumming your air guitar and bashing those air drums. I was headbanging in the car whilst tapping (quite heavily) on the steering wheel but did I care? Did I hell as like. I love albums that make you feel like that and react in such a way. To me that is the sign of a good album.

And this is a great album!

Tracks that stood out for me (all great albums should have stand out tracks!) were “Evil Witches” and “Evoking The Ghost” but as I previously said there are no fillers. The whole album totally rocks from the very start to the very end.

If you are a fan of thrash bands such as Death Angel, Exodus and Forbidden, “Master of the Dead” is an absolute must for your collection. I can’t wait until these guys come to England…..

…..I will be first in the queue for my ticket!

Absolutely thrash-tastic!

1. Condemned To Kill Again
2. Ritual Violence
3. Master Of The Dead
4. Curse Of The Priest
5. Black Steel
6. Taken By Force
7. Evil Witches
8. Evoking The Ghost
9. The Avenger
10. Call Of Death

Giuseppe “Ur” Peri – Rhythm Guitar
Salvatore “Skizzo” Li Causi – Lead Guitar
Tony “Stormer” Frenda – Vocals
Salvatore “Trronu” Morreale – Drums
Angelo “Destruktor” Bissanti (Only On This Cd) – Bass And Backing Vocals

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