S.O.R.M – Hellraiser EP

Those of you who have listened to The Metal Asylum radio show over the past few months (and if you haven’t, why haven’t you?) will know that S.O.R.M have featured a number of times. There really is only ONE reason for this….and that is because they are a f**king excellent band!

I really could write this review in just a handful of words, those being “THIS EP IS THE DOGS B**LOCKS AND EVERYONE SHOULD GO LISTEN TO IT!” but I will actually be nice and write a bit more than that! (Although this EP IS the dogs b**locks and everyone should go listen to it!!)

So, S.O.R.M? Who exactly are they? S.O.R.M are a hard rock trio from Lidkoping, Sweden and were founded in the spring of 2017. Comprising of Micke Holm on vocals and lead guitar, Robin Wernebratt on drums and Johan Östman on bass, the band combine the “best elements of contemporary and traditional hard rock and heavy metal, high energetic and powerful sound, swinging grooves and fuzzy guitar virtuosity!”

The band joined EMG (Extreme Management Group) in 2018, a year which also saw them originally release the Hellraiser EP in digital format.

But, said Micke Holm “we have decided to take down our EP “Hellraiser” from digital services. We Think that “Hellraiser” deserves to be released properly!”

The EP was re-released on 4th December 2020 through Noble Demon Records (the new-ish label from former Nuclear Blast head of digital sales, Patrick Walch) with the bass tracks being re-recorded by Johan and organ added to every track to give a heavier, thicker sound.

So, what of the EP?

I’m going to start off with the only gripe I have with it. It’s not bloody long enough! Full album next time guys, ok?

The EP kicks off with the hook laden lead single Gypsy Queen, a typical heavy metal track full of solid guitar work. This song is a great introduction to what’s on offer for the rest of the EP.

Brick By Brick, with its bass guitar led intro, is a slower paced yet powerful track. Its hard riffing but dark and brooding at the same time.

The title track Hellraiser I absolutely love. I’ve read that it is reminiscent to W.A.S.P and this I can totally hear. I have played it on The Metal Asylum a few times as it is an absolute feel-good song that literally should get everyone bouncing.

Now, the EP finishes with a cover of The Animals 1964 hit House Of The Rising Sun and, by jove, if you are going to do a cover you might as well make it an absolute EPIC of a cover, as the boys have done with this one. Starting off moody and doomy this track gathers momentum, and heaviness (if you thought the Frijid Pink version of this song was heavy then you have heard nothing yet!) into a 9 minute stonker of a tune!! Micke’s vocals suit the song right down to the ground, melodic yet gritty, and I personally think this is how the song SHOULD have been done.

S.O.R.M are just the epitome of a hard rock band, and what a sound they have from just three of them. The Metal Asylum have become huge, huge fans of this band and we WILL play them as much as we can on the show.

Please go out and get yourself a copy of this EP. I can hand on heart guarantee that you will NOT be disappointed, and if you are then I will eat my hat (and I’d have to go and buy one!!)

See you on tour guys!! I’ll be the one at the front! \m/

Track Listing:

1 Gypsy Queen

2 Brick By Brick

3 Hellraiser

4 House Of The Rising Sun

S.O.R.M are:

Micke Holm – Vocals and Lead Guitar

Robin Wernebratt – Drums

Johan Östman – Bass

This review is purely the property of Dawn Smith and The Metal Asylum

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