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When Rick and I started out on this little reviewing venture of ours we decided that we didn’t want to be one of those sites that concentrated on just the genres that we (personally) liked. We wanted to cater for all types of rock and metal and that means we can (both) get exposure to stuff we wouldn’t normally listen to. The Darkhorse fall under that category.

Hailing from the lower depths of Northamptonshire, this is a 4 piece metal band with the heart of doom and sludge and the lungs of a hardcore band. Formed in 2014, their self-released 6 track debut EP “A Badge of Dishonour and Discomfort” (recorded at Neil Hudson’s (Krysthla) ‘Initiate Audio and Media Studio’) was issued shortly afterwards.

Influenced by the likes of Sabbath, Superjoint Ritual, The Chariot, Crowbar, Eyehate God, RSJ, Raging Speedhorn, Iron Monkey, Down and The Deftones, The Darkhorse have played both Bloodstock in 2014, after being spotted by Simon Hall at their M2TM final, and Mammothfest in 2015 and have also supported the likes of Raging Speeedhorn, Heart of a Coward, Mage, Stormringer, Garanjua, Brutai and many more. They also received the award for the Best Live Band of 2014 in the Hopp Awards.

24th February 2017 saw the release of their debut full length album “The Carcass of the Sun will Sleep” which features eight tracks, six brand new songs with the addition of ‘March of the Infected’ and ‘Dead Crows’ being revamped and re-edited for the album. The band had returned to Neil’s studio to record the material and it was produced, mixed and mastered by Neil himself.

So what of the album? As I have previously mentioned this is not the type of genre I would normally listen to BUT that does not mean that I cannot review this just as I would any other album. One thing I will say though to start with is that if you like your metal raw and downright dirty then this is the album for you.

The album opens with the track ‘Dying is the only Cure’ and this shows what is to be expected from the rest of the album. From the first note of the first track to the last note of the last, this is a rollercoaster of an album that hits you right in the gut from the get-go. There is no let-up as this is NOT the type of band to produce a ballad (although this would be kind of interesting to hear!) and from start to finish is a total metal onslaught meant to make your ears bleed (in a good way!)

It is a doom laden, sludge driven album packed full of big dirty riffs and leads, crushing rhythms and guttural vocals.

But this in no way means that it is an album of just noise with no substance or structure. Although gruff and throaty, the vocals are still comprehensible and not just a screaming mess, and the musicians are obviously very talented (I don’t think you can make this type of metal WITHOUT some form of talent!)

There is form to the tracks and the tempo changes could also place them somewhat into the progressive metal genre.

The album ends with the thunderous ‘Congratulations You’ve Survived the Human Cull’ which I think is just the band’s way of saying ‘well done you’ve survived the album’.

This is not for the faint hearted, it is heavy and it is loud. I love the name of the band and I love the name of the album and I can honestly say this might have opened my eyes to a style of metal I might otherwise have stayed away from.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride!!

1. Dying Is the Only Cure
2. 741
3. March of the Infected
4. Hecatomb
5. nemA
6. Dead Crows
7. We Fear None but Our Own
8. Congratulations You’ve Survived the Human Cull

Mat Ward – Drums
Barry Groome – Guitars, Vocals
Jamie Darnell – Guitars
Daniel Groome – Bass, Vocals

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