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Hailing from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Hamerex are a four piece heavy metal band, founded in 2004 by vocalist and guitarist Steve Blower. Throughout their career they have supported the likes of Powerquest, Conquest of Steel and Funeral for a Friend, as well as well as playing at Clarence Park Music Festival in 2012 and Coalfields Festival in July 2014.

When Steve approached me through Facebook to do a review of their third studio album “Traitor,” I jumped at the chance and, having never heard anything they had done before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Released on 7th October 2016 on their own label IX Music, the album is first to feature Steve on vocals following a positive reception of ‘The Last Ride’ E.P, and once again enlists the artistic talents of Kiera James as cover and cd layout designer.

Musically there is nothing wrong with this album. Hamerex are a heavy metal band who play heavy metal music, albeit with reminiscence of the NWOBHM era of the late 70’s / early 80’s.

There are funky bass lines, such as the strong intro to the opening title track, heavy doomy riffs on tracks such as “Journeys End” and great guitar playing by both guitarists. But I have never been a big fan of the NWOBHM period of metal music, sounding to me like much of it has been played into a bucket.

Although this album does not sound like it has been recorded inside a steel can, I do, however, think the vocals let the record down. I have no doubt that the band have worked very hard to produce this album and I personally think seeing these guys perform live would be an experience not to be missed but I don’t think it quite works on cd.

For me, nothing jumped out during the first play through. I am not saying the tracks are awful because they are not but there were no dynamic tracks that embedded themselves into my brain, making me sing them to myself throughout the day.

The album is not rubbish, not by a long shot, but it is not a game changer either. This is a heavy metal album that “does what it says on the tin”…..it plays metal.

But go and give it a listen. It may not to be my taste, but it might just be the album you are looking for!!

1. Traitor
2. The Dark Tower
3. Dead Mountain
4. The Nameless One
5. Eyes of Deceit
6. The Abyss
7. The Evil Within
8. Journey’s End

Steve Blower – Vocals & Guitar
Andy Firth – Guitar, Bass & Keyboards
Darren Kelsall – Drums
Marc Hood – Bass (Not featured on the album)


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