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One of the things that always astounds me about metal music is talent that usually stays hidden, lost in the underground scene and floating around in unsigned bands. I know of many bands, new and old, that have a lot more talent in their combined little fingers than some of the more popular, “bigger” bands who have “made it.” While this seems somewhat unfair, it is unfortunately a way of the business but doing what I do, it means I can find these hidden gems and try to get them out to as many as people as I can.

This is true of this band, Exist, a thrash metal band hailing from Toruń, Poland. Formed in 2014 by two 13-year-old guitarists, Kacper and Felix and drummer Jochu, the oldest member of the band now is bassist Kamil, who is still just 18 years of age.

But what a band they are! Inspired mainly by the new wave of thrash metal but with the old school influences still apparent, they have been gigging since 2015 and this is their debut EP titled “Get Your Own”

On first play through I thought I had been given another instrumental band as the first track, also titled ‘Get Your Own’ had an intro of over 3 minutes, the length of the track being over 7! But it was a good track to start the ep off, showing influences of all the top thrash bands.

The second track is ‘Lawlessness’ and is the shortest track on the ep. It has an in your face attitude all the way through before dropping tempo ever so slightly at around three minutes only for it to gather memento again.

Third track ‘On Your Own Accord’, again at over 7 minutes in length, features the galloping riffs that I oh so adore and is my favourite on the ep while the final track ‘Exist’ opens up with a 2-and-a-half-minute duel between drums and guitars before it crashes into a full-on thrash assault.

This ep is fast-paced, groove infused thrash metal, full of galloping riffs, fast drums and classic thrash metal vocals. Listening through I can hear hints of Metallica, Slayer and even Iron Maiden at times. Ok, so these guys won’t win any awards for originality but we need to bear in mind this is played by a band who’s ELDEST member is 18 years old!! These guys can play and so what if they are “borrowing” a formula that has succeeded for so many bands before them? They are young and have so many years in front of them in which to grow.

I think “Exist” have a very bright future in front of them and I wait with baited breath for their next release.

They might not be able to drink beer but they sure can shred!!

01. Get Your Own
02. Lawlessness
03. On Your Own Accord
04. Exist

Kamil Mikołajczyk – Bass
Jan Szymeczko – Drums
Felix Jakubowski – Guitars (lead)
Kacper Tyloch – Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)

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