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Legionnaire are a heavy metal band hailing from Finland and “Dawn of Genesis” is their debut full length recording.

Formed in 2012, they have previously recorded two demo tapes, “Legionnaire” in 2014 and “The Enigma of Time” in 2015, from which three tracks feature on the new release, and are typically a retro NWOBHM meets traditional / power metal band, although I personally hate stereotyping any band into a particular genre.

Mixing powerful twin guitar harmonies and epic, medieval style melodies, they have created an original, personal sound, although influences from many genres are apparent, from the old Scandinavian style of metal, to the galloping riffs of NWOBHM to the epic feel of bands such as Liege Lord and Brocus Helm. Their lyrics often have inspiration from ancient and medieval mythology, although fictional themes such as science fiction are also present.

So what of this album? To be honest, on the first listen through I wasn’t all that impressed. Musically there is nothing wrong with them. They play straight forward heavy metal, with no keyboards and no ballads. There is harmony in the twin guitar riffs and leads, and a sturdy and galloping rhythm section.

But the thing that struck me with this album were the vocals. Classed as “classic doom vocals” by some reviewers, for me they were a bit hit and miss. Personally, I didn’t feel that the singers voice fitted in with the rest of the band and thought they were somewhat weak compared to the other musicians. I don’t know if that’s because he is first and foremost a guitarist and is maybe a little shy of showing his vocal skills as well as those with the guitar, but I wouldn’t write the vocals off completely.

The guy can obviously sing, and just because it is not in a style that I would normally like, that does not mean that he would not appeal to other people.

I was, in fact, shocked at my initial reaction to the vocals as I pride myself on usually preferring singers who are different and stand out from all the others. So, with this in mind, I gave the album a couple more spins and, it actually started to grow on me. Being just eight tracks, and half hour long, it wasn’t long before I had listened to it three or four times, and although you know exactly what you are getting for the rest of the album from just the first song, it is a pretty good record.

They might not be at the top of their game with this album, but with a bit of work and a few tweaks here and there, this band definitely have potential.

So, if you are a fan of power metal, NWOBHM, classic Scandinavian metal or just a metalhead in general give this album a go. You may hate it but you may also find a little gem that you never knew existed!!

1. Clairvoyance
2. Enigma Of Time
3. Shadow Upon The Metropolis
4. Millennium
5. The Guardian
6. Dawn Of Genesis
7. Black Harbinger
8. Olympian Aegis

Frans Kivelä – Bass
Lord Peter Macleod – Guitars
Aku Tiensuu – Guitars, Vocals
Akseli Häärä – Drums

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