Spreading The Disease – Viral

When Steve Saunders approached me via Facebook to do a review of his band’s debut EP, I didn’t really know what to expect so I plugged my headphones into my Samsung android phone and pressed play.

The creation of Steve, formerly bassist from The Self Titled, Spreading The Disease, a contemporary metal band, were formed in late 2014 and hail from Kent in the United Kingdom.

Released on February 27th 2016, their four track EP, Viral, is a mix of aggressive riffs and amazing hooks and licks, blended together with both dirty and clean vocals to produce a sound that is quite unique.

The opening track F.U.C.K.U, a song packed full of hostility, is a direct middle finger for the listener to anyone who has ever pissed them off, giving them a no bullshit attitude right from the start.

High energetic drumming from Edd Saunders, and heavy riffs from lead guitarist Julien Riquelme are prevalent throughout the EP, with rhythm guitar being provided by Martin Osborne and Steve on bass creating the overall balls to the wall sound.

The stand out song for me was the last track Evolution, vocalist Adam May showing his ability to swap between dirty vocals and clean, fast riffs interspersed with more melodic sounds.

Drawing on influences such as Pantera, Machinehead and Devildriver, this is an English band with an American attitude, and a heavy fucking metal sound.

Spreading The Disease may only have been around for a relatively short period of time, but judging by the impact the EP has on the listener and their extensive internet presence I would say these guys are around to stay.

Spreading The Disease are:

Adam May – Vocals

Ju Riqeulme – Guitar

Edd Saunders – Drums

Steve Saunders – Bass

Martin Osborne – Guitar

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