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It’s not very often that something other than thrash, death or heavy metal lands in my inbox, but new album “Peace Out” by American rock band Nelson was one of these rare occurrences.

Bursting onto the scene in 1990 with their single “(I Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” from their debut album “After The Rain”, twins Gunnar and Matthew Nelson have released ten albums over their 25 year career, with “Peace Out” being the fourth released by Frontiers records in five years.

I, personally, had never heard of Nelson and, having no preconceptions of what they should or shouldn’t sound like, I listened to the album with an open mind.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Totally different to what I usually listened to, it had me tapping my foot in the car almost by the end of the second song and by the time I reached my place of work, I really didn’t want to turn it off.

Opening with the song “Hello Everybody”, a chorus that will stay with you for the rest of the day, it is upbeat, melodic rock from start to finish. The twin guitars and harmonising vocals will make you want to dance around the living room and the catchy choruses will have you singing along almost instantly.

The stand out song for me was “Invincible”, closely followed by “Rock Star” and “You and Me”, and for those who like a good, meaty ballad this album offers two, “On The Bright Side” and the closing song “Leave a Light on For Me”, both offering the listener a change of pace just where it’s needed, before launching them back into the next solid offering of up tempo hair rock.

At times, the album can feel a bit “samey” but another sing-a-long-a-chorus soon comes along to eradicate that sentiment.

This is a feel good, toe tapping album that will go down a storm with AOR lovers, old and new. It won’t appeal to die hard metal fans but I quite liked it…

….and I’m a thrash girl through and through.

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