Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

With four full length albums under their belts, Alter Bridge, the American rock band from Orlando in Florida, are back in 2016 with their new album “The Last Hero” set for release on 7th October by Napalm Records.

Originally cited as a supergroup when they formed in 2004 following the disbandment of Creed, they have now secured their spot as one of the best live bands around and their uniqueness is clear to see with this release.

After singer Myles Kennedy spent much of 2015 touring with Slash and lead guitarist Mark Tremonti worked on two albums and a tour with his self-titled group, the band reconvened in late 2015 and, alongside producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette, started work on something that was darker and more political in nature than anything they had done before.

A 13 song masterpiece, “The Last Hero” kicks off with the first single release from the album “Show Me A Leader” a song that reflects a lot of people’s frustration at the state of the world and it is obvious this is the start of an epic journey.

With themes such as political leadership, global warming and heroism throughout, this is a bold rock album that portrays our troubled times. It is harder-edged and more focused with many aspects of previous albums replaced with a streamlined logo and political lyricism. “Writings on the Wall” is about people who deny the legitimacy of global warning, “Poison in your Veins” is about believing in oneself while “My Champion” is an ode to Kennedy’s parents whose encouragement drove him to achieve his dreams.

Musically, Kennedy and Tremonti continue to set the bar when it comes to their guitar skills. Their playing is incredible throughout the entire album and they constantly trade off one another with waves of heavy riffs and outstanding solos. The rhythm section comprising of Brian Marshall on the bass and Scot Phillips on the drums is powerful and solid, and mixed together with the amazing vocal range of Kennedy, the band truly are developing a sound that is quite unique to them.

The album finishes with the title track “The Last Hero” and, at an epic seven minutes long, rounds the album off on a high. This is an album that not only sounds bloody good, but makes you think too. The world as we know it is falling apart, and these guys know it. Political themes may not be to everyone’s taste, some people preferring just to rock out to some good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, but if we can bring world issues to the foreground using rock music, then surely that’s a good thing? Right?

Guitarist Mark Tremonti has previously been quoted as saying that “every time we do a record, my only goal is for people to simply think it’s better than the previous one.”

I think they succeeded…….but grab yourself a copy when its released on 7th October and see for yourself!


1. Show Me a Leader

2. The Writing on the Wall

3. The Other Side

4. My Champion

5. Poison in your Veins

6. Cradle to the Grave

7. Losing Patience

8. This Side of Fate

9. You Will be Remembered

10. Crows on a Wire

11. Twilight

12. Island of Fools

13. The Last Hero


Myles Kennedy – lead vocals and guitar

Mike Tremonti – lead guitar and backing vocals

Brian Marshall – bass

Scot Phillips – drums


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