Kriegsgott – H8 4ALL E.P.

For Fans of Mayhem, Watain, Venom

Odium Records presents the self-titled song from the upcoming 7” E.P. of Kriegsgott entitled “ H8 4All ”. Kriegsgott is a solo project of Shadow from Black Altar, founded in 1999. “ H8 4All ” was recorded in 2013.

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Shadow describes the music of Kriegsgott as Hateful Black Metal in opposition to the modern scene.

Shadow explains the controversial cover art for the album: “We live in a crazy time and just in case if somebody may thinks that Kriegsgott is an NS band or something because it’s a German name and on the cover are some dead bodies, maybe Jews from the concentration camp or something? I inform that Kriegsgott has nothing to do with that. Kriegsgott plays hateful black metal, the main topics of the lyrics are hate, war etc. I took the photo on the cover in the museum in Oslo/Norway and on the cover are dead Norwegian boys who died because of great hunger after World War II . ” – Best Regards Shadow

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“ H8 4All ” is going to be released in January, limited to 250 copies as a 7” E.P., together with the new album of Hell-Born

Reproduced with permission from Metal Devastation PR

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