HUMAN – Unto Múspellsheimr

For Fans of Behemoth, Belphegor, Necrot

In the days before lock-down and plague, HUMAN was formed by the dark minds of Gallus and Gritz during the ice-cold winter frosts of 2019, creating a unique blend of Blackened Death. With a grand history of witch burning and riders in black, their small town of Belper, Derbyshire, UK had now been covered in a new shadow of darkness.

With 2020 well underway, the duo began crafting a catalogue of malevolent sounds, later inviting Gorgrom to join the ranks on vocals – adding the venom of torturous screams, devilish roars together with ritualistic doom singing and blending it into an ode to infernal chaos.Now as we face the end to this plague-stricken year of self-isolation HUMAN have a taste of their metal to unleash onto the world. The premiere of their track “Unto Múspellsheimr” – a song which details the infernal war of Múspellsheimr, an Old Norse realm of fire and chaos on the heavens – was Released via Recharger Records on all digital platforms on Friday, December 11th 2020.

“This track is a somewhat atmospheric flowing march into the depths of hell, that will showcase that dark sound of our songwriting. A lot of our upcoming material that will follow this will feature some very harsh moments, a lot of unworldly progressive sounds and of course a real sense of demonic curse on the senses. I think Unto Múspellsheimr is a great way to start things off to take our audience into the depths with us in preparation to what lurks beneath…” – GorgromThis will be a prelude to the upcoming album “The Relentlessness of Mortality” Which will be due for release early 2021.

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Reproduced with permission from Metal Devastation PR

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