Sliptrick Records Welcome Norwegian Black Metal Project FULLMÅNE

The Fullmåne (eng. Fullmoon) project started in 2017, after Mad Moonshine Mattis left the thrash-punk band Enter Obscurity. He wanted to make something purely his own and simply have something to do. So he learned to play drums, bass, sing (not really) plus record, mix and promote from scratch. Originally a guitarist, Mattis is greatly influenced by early black metal and punk/hardcore, but he also wants to take that old-school sound further by adding atmosphere …and not in the shiny way. He is influenced by some hip hop, in particular beats with horror movie samples and electronic noise and psychedelic rock.

Here’s how Mattis describes the ideas behind Fullmåne; “This is not black metal by the book, I hate how the genre has become a big circus with everybody copying a stereotype of the scene. It was supposed to be free, without limits and from an honest urge to make something scary yet real. Now everyone is either staying true to the past or making it into shiny emo pop. Either losing touch with the underground DIY roots of the genre or stagnating in a sound that was new in the 90s, basically copying the classics. Fullmåne is honest, its raw and its not safe. But is also an old-school worship of «the true» whatever.”

Fullmåne is:
Mad Moonshine Mattis AKA Pyroman (Pyromaniac) – All music

Reproduced with permission from Grand Sounds PR

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