No Clean Singing Premieres CONTRARIAN Album Only Time Will Tell

Rochester (NY) – Progressive Death Metal Masters CONTRARIAN have partnered with No Clean Singing for the premiere of forthcoming album Only Time Will Tell. Stream it below!

Only Time Will Tell (Album Premiere)

CONTRARIAN are set to release their fourth album, Only Time Will Tell, November 20 on Willowtip Records!

“Another truly excellent excursion from these masters of technical death metal, hitting all of the sweet spots we’ve come to expect from Contrarian.”– Heavy Blog is Heavy

“Only Time Will Tell captures the progressive metal quintet in the act of regaining their forward momentum while reasserting their hold on the new terrain they claimed in 2019. Tech-death innovators live up to their name more than ever.” (8/10)– Decibel

“Adventurous and unpredictable — bamboozling in its intricacy one moment, and sensuous and seductive the next, intertwining bursts of high-speed, high-flying acrobatics with intoxicating, exotic melodies, shifting gears like a Formula One driver, and drawing upon wells of progressive music outside metal (including jazz fusion) while also injecting doses of ravaging savagery.”– No Clean Singing

“Organic yet forward-thinking, Contrarian uses the best of the past for the bedrock on which to build their modern sound.” (8.5/10)– Wicked Metal Review

“Another fine example how prog, tech, and death metal can be brought together seamlessly enough where not any one element over takes the action, but instead provides a very adventurous yet cohesive experience.” (8/10)– Metal Temple

“Another example of how to expertly fuse traditional heavy metal, old school progressive metal, modern progressive metal, and modern death metal! The band’s fourth full-length studio album, Only Time Will Tell, is a beautifully written opus.”– Welcome To The Metal

“Contrarian manage to be so creative and vibrant with what is essentially an old-school style. Very highly recommended!”– Wonderbox Metal

 “Only Time Will Tell can look any album from the progressive-era of Death or (any era) of Cynic straight in the eyes, without being retro or a shameless copy. Such is the quality and diversity of it that it can appeal to both the fans of traditional technical Death Metal and Deathcore at the same time.”– Jupiter Variation

“Thanks to a focused and detailed effort, Only Time Will Tell is one of the progressive death metal stars of the this year’s album release catalogue!”– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Contrarian has always consisted of supremely stellar musicians with hoards of fresh ideas.”– Technical Music Review

“Contrarian really represent the New School of Old School Death Metal and have welded together a very cool concept album.”–

“Good news for fans of progressive/technical death metal the leans back to each sub-genre’s original mastery.”– Grizzly Butts

“Equal parts a tribute as it is an attempt to reinvent and modernize the genre, merging the styles of yesteryear with certain touches of melodeath and deathcore to give a certain amount of innovation and freshness.”– RTMB Music

The “new school of old school progressive death metal” is how CONTRARIAN is described; creating death metal that is authentically original with a natural memory and understanding of the old. Rooted in early 90’s progressive death metal, but with an unrelenting forward-thinking approach. Spearheaded by guitar player Jim Tasikas, CONTRARIAN is a group of like-minded musicians that coincidentally converged on a vision of what a modern death metal band should sound like. Organic sounding, yet aggressive and melodically complex, CONTRARIAN is packed with snake-like riffage and atmospheric variations that will provide a wholly enticing listen to all those willing to take in its eccentricity.

CONTRARIAN is thinking man’s metal, both musically and lyrically. The band uses methods of fantasy and escapism to convey ideas involving philosophy, theology, and science. CONTRARIAN has been on a campaign to promote thinking man’s metal for a long time. Organic and passionate playing, dignified studio recording methods that reflects an understanding of the craft competence, evolution and succession of diverse metal history over decades.

Only Time Will Tell is CONTRARIAN’s fourth studio album. Once again, a concept album that deals with the band’s familiar topics of philosophy and theology. This time, the band’s mascot ‘the cloaked contrarian” endeavors on an adventure of time travel for redemption and love.

Track Listing
1. In a Blink of an Eye

2. The Final Hour

3. Beat The Clock

4. Case Closed

5. The Mega-Metropolis

6. Scarlet Babylon

7. Only Time Will Tell

8. Your Days Are Numbered

Reproduced here with kind permission from Clawhammer PR

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