Conquerors signs with Music-Records

Conquerors [Brutal Black Thrash Metal from France] signs with Music-Records for the release of the new album “Stormbringer” which will be released on May 21, 2021.

At the same time, Conquerors will reissue the album “Dawn of War” with a new mix.

“Stormbringer” will be available for preorder at the start of 2021, as a pack with the reissue of “Dawn of War”.

The mixing and mastering of “Dawn of War” and “Strombringer” will be performed at the Track Down Music studio; Music-Records recording studio.

“Stormbringer” will be distributed in France, Europe, USA, Canada, Quebec, Asia & Oceania as well as on more than 250 digital platforms.

CONQUERORS was founded on July 13, 2013 by Morty (guitar/vocals), Hordos (drums) and Ottar (bass).

The band’s first self-produced EP, “Deceptive Condolences” was released in March 2014

With the release of the first album “Conqueror” in April 2015, CONQUERORS took a turn that would direct him to his current style.

The band’s second album “Dawn of War” was released in February 2019 and definitely marks the style of CONQUERORS: Brutal Black Thrash Metal.

Reproduced here with kind permission from Grand Sounds PR

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