Unbounded Terror: New single + new release details

Mythical Spanish death metallers UNBOUNDED TERROR have released a new single as an advance of their upcoming release that will contain the single plus 4 re-recordings of their legendary 1992 debut “I”, as well as three live tracks from their previous effort “Faith in Chaos”, recorded on August 20th while confined. These eight tracks will be available in the form of “Infernal Judgment”, set to be released on January 19th, 2021 through Xtreem Music in CD format. 

Listen to the title-track of “Infernal Judgment”

Formed in 1990, UNBOUNDED TERROR is one of the most legendary bands within the Spanish Death Metal scene, having the honour of having released the first Death Metal album in the country, on 12″LP, CD and Cassette via Drowned Prod. (Pre-Repulse/ Xtreem Music). In January 2020, UNBOUNDED TERROR released their sophomore album “Faith in Chaos” also on CD, 12″LP and Cassette formats, making a great comeback and proving that they are in great shape.

Reproduced with permission fro Xtreem Music PR

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