Incinery – Hollow Earth Theory (2020)

After being out of the reviewing loop for a while, I decided to take on a few new albums to review, and one that appeared on the list was “Hollow Earth Theory” by Incinery.

Incinery are a five-piece thrash metal band based in Nottingham. Formed in 2009 (why have I only just heard of these guys?!) they have built themselves a reputation for intense, energetic live performances, combining tight rhythms, blistering leads and aggressive vocals and this has earned them spots at major events throughout the UK and Europe.

After winning the Metal To The Masses competition, leading to their breakthrough performance on The New Blood Stage at Bloodstock in 2012, the band have also performed at Metaldays in Slovenia, Download, A Night of Salvation (Damnation pre-show) and Hard Rock Hell, sharing the stage with acclaimed acts such as Exodus, Onslaught, Lawnmower Deth, Hirax, Xentrix and Savage Messiah.

They have released two EP’s, “Dawn Of War” in 2011 and “Nothing Left” in 2013 and there debut album “Dead, Bound and Buried”, which was produced by the legendary Chris Tsangarides, was released in 2013.

2018 saw the start of the writing for their sophomore album and the result “Hollow Earth Theory” was released on 30th October 2020.

Mixed and recorded by Chris Kenny, the band’s guitarist, with the drums recorded and produced by Sam Bloor of Lower Lane Studios and the album mixed and mastered by Peter Dowsett (lecturer at the Abbey Road Institute), the band have taken inspiration from a bleak mix of occultism, conspiracy theories and science fiction to produce a “whiplash nightmare tour of the titular hollow earth.”

As Metal Hammer describes it, its “like front row seats to a cage fight between Pantera and Testament!”

For fans of the aforementioned Pantera and Testament as well as Lamb of God and a whole host of other thrash bands, you can hear the influences that these bands have had on Incinery. With meaty sounds, crunching riffs and a modern, aggressive take on traditional thrash metal, they have sealed their place as one of the UK’s most fierce thrash metal bands. And rightly deserved too.

Described as having “the speed and ferocity of 80’s thrash but injecting a relentless, modern edge and brutality with influences from the metal spectrum” I wish I had discovered this band a lot earlier than I have done and at just under an hour in length, this album is unrelenting and takes you on a thrash metal journey that is full of energy and aggression from start to finish….and that is by no means a bad thing!

2020 may have been a crazy, messed up year for us all but, at least, we had awesome new albums like this to listen to. I am very much looking forward to what these guys offer us in the coming years, and I am already a big fan!

Keep up the great work, Incinery and will see you at a gig real soon

Track Listing

Hollow Earth

Savage Lands

The Less Dead

Forgotten One

Carrion King


Falling Into The Sky

As Above, So Below

The Sorrow Of The Last

Beyond The Dawn

Terminal Singularity

Social Media


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