Silenced Minstrel


For fans of The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Cradle Of Filth, Tristania, Dimmu Borgir, Dissection

The immortal outcast of heaven with an unpronounceable name (the last time somebody mentioned my real name, the Jews lost their country to the Romans, heheheh!) has been in one form or another for the past 65 million years, moving around the world mostly in the shadows and avoiding humanity like the plague. Can be summoned to appear (at one’s own peril) by a sacrifice of 13 virgin women and men but has the habit of leaving those who has seen his real face a slow, lingering death in return for their folly. Currently resides in Malaysia writing extreme music for a living but also receives requests to hex or mentally murder people in their sleep on the side. Not much else has been known about this nefarious creature in black, although banshees would stay silent if ever he’s around, the hounds of hell became meek as puppies and malevolent creatures of the night shut their doors for days and weeks in advance if ever they’d caught wind of his planned arrival! You can see him dancing under the blue moon but be wary as he can detect living souls and you’re lucky if you’d die intact if he finds you! There, enough said. Pray that he didn’t come after you tonight once you read this, heheheh!

– Silenced Minstrel

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