Hellz Announces July 17th music release ‘Control of the unholy.’


For fans of In This Moment, Hailstorm, Gina & The Eastern Block

Rock queen and founder of Hellz Lisa Perry has set the date for the release of Hellz newest single ‘Control of the unholy‘ which officially hits stores on July the 17th, 2020. The single co- written by Perry and Lexx Majik is sure to get audiences ignited with the powerful and addictive energy that Hellz is now known for. This new single follows a year of success for Lisa Perry who has recently celebrated an endorsement by the Legendary RØDE microphones. Perry has also taken number 1 on the South African ITunes Rock Charts with her February hard rock release ‘Fire to the sky‘ and most recent successful release ‘Bitch ran away‘ in June 2020, both co-written with Gorka Alegre  (Death Keepers / ZhenX).  The single currently is still in radio rotation worldwide. Bitch ran away also gained Lisa a nomination in the 2020 World Songwriters Awards in the Rock Category. 2020 has definitely been a busy year for Lisa Perry and she isn’t slowing down as she prepares to wow audiences again with Julys release. 

The new single brings more of the ballsy attitude people love from Hellz and has a strong message to share 

“We are in the dawn of a revolution. “We are the frontline of a very new reality.” “When i was in the studio writing the lyrics and laying down the vocals to this song, I felt propelled by the spirits and emotions of the unjustifiable fallen souls in this world and everyone still battling life as we now know it.” “This song is the voice of the people and its time the people were heard.” ” There is alot of raw emotion, conspiracy, anger, sadness and uncertainty in this world at the moment.” ” I feel we the people need a song to relate to about the way we feel.” ” People are looking for direction but in reality no one really knows where we are headed.”  “I hope the lyrics and emotion of this song grips everyone’s hearts around the world.”

CONTROL OF THE UNHOLY will be released on all major music platforms worldwide July 17th. people can also follow Hellz on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hellzlive/ and at the official website www.houseofhellz.com  

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